Sandalwood Oil / Cedarwood Oil


8 oz (236.6 ml)

Description: This air freshener is a mixture of sandalwood oil and cedarwood oil. Sandalwood oil originates from the wood of the Santalum Album plant, and cedarwood oil comes from the wood of the Cedrus Deodara plant, both native to India and both are extracted by steam distillation. Sandalwood oil has that woody and musky scent and is used in perfumes and colognes, aftershave lotions, beard oil, and balms. Cedarwood oil has that strong, smoky, and slightly camphoraceous scent, believed to calm the body and also rejuvenate the spirit and mind. Spray ad libitum wherever and whenever to indulge into this extraordinary scent.

Directions: Shake before use.

Ingredients: Pure sandalwood oil/cedarwood oil suspended in purified water.


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