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All products sold on this website are centered on plant-based essential oils obtained from parts of plants such as flowers, stems, peels and rinds of fruits, barks, and roots. Concentrated, pure essential oils can have a strong and overpowering smell and flavor, but through our unique formulations, they are perfectly balanced. Essential oils have a multitude of uses, including food and drink flavor enhancers, odor eliminating air fresheners, and powerful natural surface cleaners.

About Us

Dr. Hermann’s Essentials was founded by Klaus J Hermann in the early spring of 2022. With a background in pharmacy and medicine, Dr. Hermann’s focus is to provide pure and natural products with the purpose of providing a more holistic lifestyle.

“After years of using air fresheners and room sprays that are full of chemicals, I was extremely happy to find Dr. Hermann’s Essentials. “

“Dr. Hermann uses pure and organic ingredients. He formulates the essential oils by creating the proper balance to achieve the perfect finished product.”

“The essential oils bring out delicate flavors in many culinary delights, including salads, meats and even cocktails. “

“The sprays are delicate, not overpowering, yet linger for full effects while providing a sense of calm and peace.”

“I love that it is all natural and healthier for my family.”


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